[OpsMgr] Alert attachments in SCOM2012 SP1

Posted: July 18, 2013 in SCOM 2012

Another interesting thing came to my attention was about SCOM alerting and attachments.

Since SCOM was born (fall of 2006) and till present days SCOM poorly supports HTML rich text email and completely ignores (does not support)  attachments.
For us it means we can’t add additional information into alerts by means of standard SCOM capabilities and need to invent wheels every time we need to attach something. 

It had been true for a long time until SP1 was released for SCOM 2012. Since SP1 we can add attachments into email. 
But again, this is not documented well and as of now is used by APM and GSM modules for their own needs.

It’s a good R&D task. I eager to put my fingers into this topic. Stay tuned.

Good start point is the following blogpost of :

OM12 SP1 Q & A: Meet The Alert Attachment MP

  1. Is this functionality present by default in SCOM 2012 SP1?
  2. When this(Alert Attachments) MP is imported I am all set?
  3. OK, I have configured the MP and setup the file share. Now ALL the Alerts will have additional information attached to it?
  4. Can you tell me what MPs these might be?
  5. So I need to configure Team Foundation Server (TFS) as well? And how?
  6. So basically I can’t select what Alert will have additional information attached to it?
  7. I don’t use APM nor GSM. So changes are the Alert Attachment MP isn’t meant for me?

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